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Sport center RING Sport is part of RING SPORT & SAUNAD complex

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Sport Center Location

Ring Sport is located Õismäe tee 130, Tallinn, Estonia.

Bus stop: Meelespea

Busses:  4, 12, 16, 21A, 22, 26, 26A, 28 

Parking Info Sport Center

  • Ühisteenused parking control system is used at RING Sport car area. Digital car registration screen is available only at the front door to the building. Park in our parking area is limited up to 4 hours a day. 
  • For parking longer than 4 hours per day, please approach building administrator.
  • When visiting RING Sport facilities by car, please park at the designed parking sports around the building.
  • Areas marked with yellow lines are off limits for parking.
  • Areas marked with blue colour are available only for handicapped visitors.
  • Areas marked with green colour are available only for fully electric cars. 
  • Oversized parking spaces are for busses only. Please do not park in them.
  • Any vehicle parked incorrectly or in in-proper location will be towed at the expense of the vehicle owner.

Additional information

  • Smoking is strictly prohibited at RING Sport facilities.
  • Please do not smoke with in 10 meter radius from front doors of the building.
  • You can read the rules of the house here. Please read them to avoid unpleasant situations.
  • Our rules apply to all visitors or persons on our premises.
  • In case of property damage or misdemeanors, we have the right to demand compensation in the total amount of the damage.